Piazza Pia

By Henneman String Quartet

Album: Piazza Pia

Musician: /

Label: Stichting Wig

Available Formats: CDDigital

“ ‘Spolia’ is a term that comes from architecture and refers to construction sites that are repurposed from previous buildings. Similarly, the Dutch violist borrows this term for a title on her sixth album and thus also describes one of her typical methods of working. Musical fragments, on the present album taken mostly from the Italian Renaissance and folklore, are processed into new pieces and serve as the basis for improvisational excursions. This approach pays off numerous times. The tension between composition and improvisation, and between tradition and innovation creates uncommon music in the world of contemporary jazz music.”
–Emanuel Wenger Jazz live – magazine for contemporary music February 2002

Released in: 2002


Shipping from: Chicago