By Christof Kurzmann & Mats Gustafsson

Album: Prosperity

Musician: /

Label: NEXT Festival Records

Available Formats: Vinyl

Prosperity is the sophomore album of the Falling duo – Swedish reeds and live electronics player Mats Gustafsson and Viennese ppooll software magician Christof Kurzmann, following Falling and 5 Other Failings (Trost, 2016). The new album was recorded at the NEXT Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia in a dark, bluish space in December 2020. It is released as a limited edition vinyl plus a download option

Prosperity deepens the unsettling and experimental atmosphere of the debut album of the duo, and the description of Ken Vandermark (a close collaborator of both Gustafsson and Kurzmann) of that first album as “abstract hymns for the left as we are faced with the advance of the right” still fits perfectly. The restless Gustafsson and Kurzmann are still looking for compassionate and poetic ways of creating music that matters and would be relevant to the decaying state of our world and global politics.” – Eyal Hareuveni, Free Jazz Blog

Released in: 2022

Shipping from: Chicago

Mats Gustafsson


Christof Kurzmann