Rare Wood

By Sunburned Hand of the Man

Album: Rare Wood -- Chris Corsano


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from Mathieu Duval’s ‘My Record Collection’ website:
‘Rare Wood is the first real, widely distributed CD release by the group, all previous albums were released either on CD-R or vinyl; and what a strange choice it is! If the Sunburned collective wanted to be easily accessed by a whole new generation of fans, you would think they would present something that is easier to digest, but that’s not the case here. This album is a pretty mind-boggling, barely funky affair! Easy Wind, the first track off the album, is a monotonous jam with weird shouted vocals that will have you frown in your seat. Besides Buried Pleasure (which sees the group showing off their folk roots), there is not really anything stable in here; in fact, most of it is just very noisy and strange mutant zombie rock. Listening to Glass Boots is like having someone scoop out your brains with an ice cream spoon and garnishing it with nut clusters and whipped cream! Enjoy!’

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Shipping from: Chicago