Rawar Style

By The Eternals

Album: Rawar Style


Label: Aesthetics

Available Formats: CD

“Rawar Style is more aggressive & direct than past Eternals offerings. A strong urban feeling is present throughout the record with their tracks rushing past you as if you were standing in the median of a large city street. The sounds of sirens, radios and partial conversations, take their place as portions of a sonic landscape. This music exists as a result of the environments it grew up in. Raised near the projects of punk & hip hop, but edged out at the onset of gentrification, the music doesn’t call either neighborhood home. It is easy to imagine that dancehall, Tropicalia, improvised experimental music and electronic music live as tenants in the same building as the music made by The Eternals. The collective musical community provides the inspiration for the rhythms and tones found on the record. The social and political climate inspires the timbre. Rawar Style has a politicized energy that living in a big city in America can give you.”

Released in: 2004


Shipping from: Chicago