By Kate Moore

Album: Revolver



Available Formats: CD

Inspired by the kinetic physicality and aesthetics of balance found in Ken Unsworth’s work, the music embodies a feeling of suspension between movement and stasis. Evolving and revolving melodies, poised skilfully in polyrhythmic structures, the music creates an intoxicating and emotional impression. There is a feeling of constant motion and flow of sonic currents that typifies much of Kate Moore’s music.

The music shifts from the material world, the gradually shifting stone-like cycles of the title track “Revolver”, the restrained power and poignancy of “The Boxer” to the various slow unfurling melodies of the tightrope inspired “Song Of Ropes”, and finally to a contemplation of the immaterial in “Way Of The Dead”.

The pieces are performed with extraordinary virtuosity by the musicians Anna McMichael, Rowena Macneish, Kirsty McCahon, Genevieve Lang and Claire Edwardes. This album is Kate Moore’s first collaboration with Unsounds. Anna McMichael has released several projects with the label.

Released in: 2021


Shipping from: Chicago