Roadwork 1 / Roadwork 2 / Homework 1 (3CD Box Set)

By Marker

Album: Roadwork 1 / Roadwork 2 / Homework 1 (3CD Box Set)



Available Formats: Digital

Where Wired for Sound felt fresh, youthful and surprising in so many aspects, this triple live album is a spectacular snapshot of how this group has progressed together – and is progressing together…  On ‘Accordéon’ they are staring down the abyss just like Mats Gustafsson’s Fire, combining a very heavy pulsating groove with fiery improvisation. Another emotion which must be balanced perfectly to not become a cliché, but they pull it off perfectly! On ‘French Dress’ I think Sudderberg brings his performance up at least one level, again together with the band and on ‘B Eiga’ the group performance is fantastically tight. The album ends but I want more! “ – Gustav Lundqvist Free Jazz Blog *****

Released in: 2018