By Paal Nilssen-Love

Album: Schlinger


Label: Smalltown Super Jazz

Available Formats: CDDigital

This set recaptures the remarkable balance of order and freedom those 2002 gigs delivered, and is the third in a series of duos featuring Nilssen-Love. His solo percussion excursions are constantly absorbing and the singing sound of Kornstad springs vividly off the drum-patterns and feeds back new directions in turn. It’s pretty much all uncompromising free-improv, though the final track (Arched Shape), has a more traditional jazz feel in Kornstad’s fluently bucolic tenor sound worrying at something near a regular tune. The session often resembles an Evan Parker set. Like the Dutch drummer Han Bennink, Nilssen-Love is a free player who never loses swing. Jazz improv of a very high order.

Released in: 2003


Shipping from: Chicago