Short Visit To Nowhere

By Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet Plus Two

Album: Short Visit To Nowhere

Musician: / / /

Label: Okka Disk

Available Formats: CDDigital

“Certainly when, among other things, the double bass line-up with Kent Kessler and William Parker also presents, the drum tandem Hamid Drake-Michael Zerang or the trio brass with Joe McPhee, Jeb Bishop and Roy Campbell. Where the road is so open for focusing on a crushing group sound, the Chicago Tentet opts for a more modest approach. Especially Brötzmann’s more than forty-minute ‘Stonewater’ leaves a lot of room for ‘smaller’ passages. The Arabic beginning is a striking example of this. With the tumbling hand drum and the eastern singing style of Hamid Drake, on which Brötzmann releases his elaborate, clarinet-like tarogato.”

Released in: 2002