By Mark Feldman / Dave Rempis / Tim Daisy

Album: Sirocco

Musician: /


Available Formats: CDDigital

“On Sirocco, you hear Rempis teasing slow-wavering long tones against the horn, throwing sharp jabs of articulation back at Daisy’s kit, and bouncing impossibly quick counterpoint back at both of them across five octaves. With those maneuvers, Feldman capitalizes on his boulevard-wide technique to bust up any of the time-tested tropes that Rempis and Daisy might try to roll out, forcing them to reconstruct their decades of interaction into a new immediate sound. But it’s never a struggle or conflict, simply an ongoing set of questions and proposals, posed by a master of the form. If you’re looking for a primer on artistic reinvention, here you go.”

Released in: 2023


Shipping from: Chicago / Vienna