Smaller Sad

By Susanna Gartmayer / Christof Kurzmann

Album: Smaller Sad -- Christof Kurzmann



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“Susanna Gartmayer is an Austrian composer and bass clarinet and sax player working in the fields of experimental rock music, multi idiomatic improvisation, jazz and contemporary music. She is especially interested in the sound possibilities of the clarinet and the theory and practical implications of working together in bands cnd collcetives. Christof Kurzmann is a performer, musician, composer and curator. After a seccessful start with his first band Extended Versions he continued his work in experimental electronic music. He has worked with people like Luc Ferrari, Fred Frith, John Butcher, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, and has released more than 30 CDs. Smaller Sad is the first album by this duo and was recorded in various locations at various times. Gartmayer and Kurzmann create an often fragile music somewhere between jazz, songwriting and improvisation. Susanna plays bass clarinet, Christof plays ppooll, rubber band and sings. They first performed together at an open session in 2014 and play together regularly since 2018 as a duo. Although the music is improvised, they always focus on melodies, too.” -Klanggalerie

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