Sound on Sound

By Joe McPhee

Album: Sound on Sound


Available Formats: Digital

Sound on Sound is a two-CD set of these previously unreleased solo recordings by Poughkeepsie, NY, multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee, dating from 1968 to 1973. The extraordinary tracks document the very early years of McPhee’s tenor playing (he was intitally a trumpet player, though he was an absolute natural saxophonist) and his omnivorous interest in sound-making devices of all types (from drone organ to nagoya harp, by way of soprano sax and hand percussion). They present a little-known aspect of his early work, his interest in multi-track recording, here executed on a device known as a Sound On Sound tape machine. When he performed live in concert with the device, he called it his “Survival Unit.” McPhee aficionados will particularly enjoy the new-old soul/free jazz classic “Cosmic Love.” Featuring McPhee solo on tenor saxophone, toy piano, toy percussion, recorder, soprano saxophone, Space Organ, flute, feedback, kalimba, echoplex, and percussion.