By Elisabeth Harnik & Paal Nilssen-Love

Album: Tangram

Musician: /

Label: Catalytic Artist Albums

Available Formats: Digital

All sales of Tangram will go to Stand by Me Lesvos (, an organization recommended by Elisabeth and Paal that was “founded in 2017 by local Greek citizens of Lesvos Island, Stand By Me Lesvos is a different type of Non Profit. With little funds they have created a safe, positive space, where local Greeks, refugees and international team members are all working side by side, just in walking distance from the overcrowded Moria. While international NGOs come and go, they live in Lesvos. Their commitment is for the long term, focusing on three main targets: Education, Empowerment and Integration. We collaborate with Greek locals, Moria camp residents and international team members, because we can only face this situation standing together.”

Released in: 2019