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The Art of The Duo 2

By Mats Gustafsson & Günter Christmann

The Art Of The Duo 2 -- Mats Gustafsson


Label: Edition Explico

Available Formats: CDDigital

No. 1-9 recorded april 20th 2017 at Atelier Grammophon, Hannover. no. 10 recorded jan.2012 at Studio Börnestr. 43, Berlin. no 11, 12, 13 recorded may 9th 2017 at Kino im Sprengel, Hannover. no. 15 recorded aug. 20th 2014 at explico, Langenhagen. Track 15 also available on Stratum (track 11). Limited edition of 150 copies, each numbered, each cover is a unique one with “rubber stamp art” by Günter Christmann.

Released in: 2018