The Dim Bulb

By Steve Baczkowski / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty

Album: The Dim Bulb


Label: Wet Paint Music

Available Formats: CD

“Veteran underground alto/tenor saxophonist Paul Flaherty and his much-younger compadre, drummer Chris Corsano, have a bond. As a duo, they most often sound like a thundering herd of elephants, with Corsano cast as the thundering herd and Flaherty as the elephants, or like Indians in an old western charging the cowboys on galloping horseback and in full war cry. The Dim Bulb introduces baritone player Steve Baczkowski, an even farther underground free improviser from Buffalo and the effect is at once overwhelming and exhilarating. The music flickers like electricity in a brownout, straining to sustain itself, then surging to incandescence.” – Jeff Stockton

Released in: 2005


Shipping from: Chicago / Vienna