The Long Haul

By The Rempis Percussion Quartet

Album: The Long Haul -- Dave Rempis

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This live recording from 2011 by the longstanding working band The Rempis Percussion Quartet documents a period of work in between two previous releases – 2010’s Montreal Parade, and 2013’s Phalanx – the first release ever put out on Aerophonic Records! Here we find a band live onstage, and ready to roll for what had increasingly become a rare “hometown” performance after Flaten moved away from Chicago a few years earlier. Situated at the legendary Hideout, a warm Chicago venue that served as a home base every Wednesday night from 2006-2014 for the improvised music scene locally, nationally, and internationally, the band was comfortable, fired up, and ready to go for the occasion. We’re very happy to present this previously undocumented era in the band’s development for the first time.

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