The Strobe Sessions [CAA​-​031]

By The Rempis / Rosaly Duo

Album: The Strobe Sessions [CAA​-​031]


Label: Catalytic Artist Albums

Available Formats: Digital

This unheard album was recorded back in January 2012, as a follow-up to longtime musical partners Dave Rempis and Frank Rosaly’s 2009 duo debut Cyrillic on 482 Music. After recording, mixing, and mastering the record, 482 Music declined this second release, leaving the record unheard until now. That experience was one of the reasons Rempis decided to start his own imprint, Aerophonic Records, in 2013. Heard here for the first time, the album holds up almost ten years later as a testament to the deeply empathetic relationship that these two sensitive improvisers have both had naturally, and also worked hard to develop further. And it helps to fill in some history between that first release, and 2020’s Codes/Myths on Aerophonic.

Released in: 2021