Three Studies for Future Uncertainties

By Nate Wooley

Album: Three Studies for Future Uncertainties


Label: Tisser Tissu Editions

Available Formats: Books

I consider this an addictively listenable (and readable) release demonstrating the groundbreaking depth we’ve come to expect from solo Wooley releases with new breadth never before recorded by the musician. There’s a thoroughness of concept in these studies not often seen in fully-developed pieces. If any one of these sketches were presented in completion, they would surely each be “five stars.” For now, support these endeavours – each robust listens and reads even in these germinal stages – in the hopes that we do get the full mass, the advanced wobble, and the first full publication of Wooley’s fiction. -Keith Prosk, The Free Jazz Collective

Released in: 2020


Shipping from: Chicago