Time Gone Out

By Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman

Album: Time Gone Out


Label: Intakt Records

Available Formats: CD

“The tour de force title track, at almost twenty minutes, is a world unto itself, with beautiful, charged musical fragments entering and receding, and enough room for each musician to develop ideas both independently and mutually, being governed all the while by the piece’s central logic. Its use of space is especially noteworthy, allowing Courvoisier and Feldman to take full advantage of its expansive duration in presenting their ideas. And “Not a Song, Other Songs” may be even better, with a somewhat menacing undercurrent to the music provided by Courvoisier’s thunderous chordal attacks and Feldman’s ecstatic surges.” – Troy Dostert, All About Jazz

Released in: 2019


Shipping from: Chicago