By Tim Daisy / Michael Thieke / Ken Vandermark

Album: Triptych

Musician: /


Available Formats: CD

A triptych, 3 art panels (musicians) usually held together by hinges (common musical direction) or three musical works designed to be listened to together. This recording has indeed three musicians, Tim Daisy (Drums, radios, percussion and the composer of the three before mentioned tracks), Berlin based clarinetist and composer Michael Thieke and Ken Vandermark (tenor sax and bass clarinet) who are hinged together by Daisy’s compositions and by 5 interspersed, improvised pieces… The three composed pieces (At Argyle, Yellow Fern, and Tuesday at Noon) start as very listener friendly tunes that soon break away into each player’s deconstruction. The whistle-alongability is just a front and soon you delve into the non-melodic player (Philip Coombs, The Free Jazz Collective)

Released in: 2017


Shipping from: Chicago