Veer and Haul

By Ab Baars + Mariëtte Rouppe van der Voort

Album: Veer and Haul



Available Formats: CDDigital

“…Rouppe van der Voort performs miracles in dexterity on the piccolo in “E si fussi pisci”, turning it into a penny whistle sliding out of control. Stopping on a dime 45 seconds before the end of the piece, she prompts a quiet and fragile coda that is so perfect you’ll go back to the booklet to make sure it was not scored. Other highlights include the busy and playful title track, the tender “Duet for John and Bob” and “Bells,” where Baars launches into a soulful non-idiomatic tenor sax solo. Veer and Haul is a title that evokes big ships performing clumsy maneuvers, but Baars and Rouppe van der Voort’s lines are sketching a fascinating dance”. -François Couture, All Music Guide

Released in: 2003


Shipping from: Chicago / Vienna