Walk, Love, Sleep

By Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet

Album: Walk, Love, Sleep

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Label: Smalltown Super Jazz

Available Formats: Digital

“This music was recorded live Cafe Ada, in Wuppertal, Germany on April 11, 2011. This collection includes three lengthy improvisations over the course of two compact discs. “To Walk In” is a massive slab of music clocking in at forty-four minutes. The centerpiece of “To Love In” comes about halfway in, a torrid section of free improvisation that becomes nearly hallucinatory in its intensity. It seems unreal that such a potentially unwieldy group can play so loud, and so fast, developing into a near state of ecstasy. Finally “To Sleep In” consolidates all of the music played during the evening, allowing the musicians to celebrate their achievements in a humble and thoughtful way.”

Released in: 2012