Where Will We Live Now?

By The Eternals

Album: Where Will We Live Now? -- Damon Locks



Thrill Jockey

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“On this their second 12″, The Eternals refine their sonic palette. Gearing up for the next millennium, The Eternals are ready for any sound clash that may come. They can be raucous at their most spare and melodic at their most cluttered. Reggae, Jazz and Soul still reign supreme in the world of The Eternals, but it is the spaces between the genres that most intrigue the band. Rhythms (care of percussion, bass and drums) are used to explore melody, tension and texture. Organ, synthesizer and vocals swirl around and stab at the songs that travel from here to other worlds. The Eternals find intensity in the most unlikely places with the most unlikely methods. The trio deftly modulates and changes as the listener holds on for the ride. From the plaintiff melodic stroll of Augustus Pablo to the aggressive rhythmic stride of The Headhunters, The Eternals travel the globe but reside in the unknown.” -Thrill Jockey

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