Why Do You Mourn

By The End

Album: Why Do You Mourn


Label: RareNoise Records

Available Formats: CDVinyl

“That’s “Whose Face“, a track that – with its theme, its force and its power – is most reminiscent of The Thing and Fire! but which quickly evolves into a folk-rock monster. “Inside my head / a common room / a common place / a common tune,“ Jernberg sings – repeating it again and again. This is music as necromancy, a psychedelic nightmare in which Gustafsson does what most of his fans love him for: blasting out merciless, brutal saxophone riffs and galloping away recklessly until the reins are stretched to breaking point. The album? A killer. But what else did you expect.” -Martin Schray, Free Jazz Blog

Released in: 2023


Shipping from: Chicago