Xanthic Tales

By Axel Filip, Oscar Andreas Haug & Margaux Oswald


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Xanthic Tales is the first album documenting the international collaboration between trumpet player Oscar Andreas Haug, pianist Margaux Oswald and drummer Axel Filip. Free flowing, thematic and daring, the trio makes use of elements such as microtonality and preparations to create their captiiating themes and narratives.

Margaux Oswald is a pianist of French-Filipina origin, born in Geneva, and currently based in Copenhagen. She is one of the new members of the artist-run label and collective ILK in Copenhagen. Her solo piano debut album Dysphotic Zone, released on Clean Feed Records, was chosen as one of the best solo album of 2022 by the New York City Jazz Record, and was chosen as top 10 international album of the year by, the leading website for Jazz in Portugal.Oscar Andreas Haug has created a unique and distinct expression for himself in the Scandinavian jazz scene, with his lyrical tone and technical flexibility. Haugs exploration into the limits of the microtonal trumpet has made him an active musician playing and recording in Scandinavia and Europe with bands such as Bliss Quintet, Amalie Dahls Dafnie and Little North. Axel Filip is an Argentine drummer, composer, improviser and arranger currently based in Berlin. He is known for his versatility and ability to perform within a wide range of musical genres, from jazz and popular music to Argentine folk music, avant-garde, free and conducted improvisation.

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