Catalytic Sound Festival 2020 Poster (Silkscreened by Dan Grzeca)

From Catalytic-Sound

Album: Catalytic Sound Festival 2020 Poster (Silkscreened by Dan Grzeca)


Label: Ground Up Press

Available Formats: Posters

“Hot off the presses! Thanks to Dan Grzeca for the stunning, 175-edition poster he’s created for the Catalytic Sound Festival. 50 copies of the poster are available for purchase. Consider becoming a Catalytic Sound Member before the end of July–all members, new and old, will receive one of these silkscreened beauties and a copy Catalytic Quarterly #10, the complete festival program, for free. Each month for $25, members also receive two free digital albums of their choice, an exclusive Catalytic Artist Album digital recording from a CS musician (with a quarterly compilation CD); as well as upcoming editions of Catalytic Quarterly delivered to their doorstep, access to exclusive member-only sales, and a t-shirt and record tote bag designed by Federico Peñalva. More info:”

Released in: 2020